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I understand that the job/position I am applying for is seasonal or is based on specific project. Section 55(2) of the Alberta Employment Standards Code authorizes an employer to terminate your employment without further notice or payment in lieu of notice, at

  1. the completion of the drilling season
  2. the completion of the well for which you are being hired or
  3. continued employment is or has been impossible to perform because of unforeseeable or unpreventable causes beyond control.

Safety Regulations: I understand that failure to comply with the company and government safety regulations is ground for dismissal. I understand and agree that I am subject to "Reasonable Cause", "Post Incident", "Pre-Access", or "Conditional Basis" testing for substance abuse and may be required to undergo an alcohol/drug test at a medical facility designated by the company. I understand employment is conditional upon a negative alcohol/drug test.

Disclaimer: I understand that by submitting this application for employment, I certify that all information contained in this application is true and accurate. I understand that false information may result in no offer of employment or immediate dismissal. I authorize the Company Personnel Department to contact either my present or previous employer for references. Upon employment, I agree that my Social Insurance Number may be used as an employee I.D. number.


By submitting, I agree that all info entered was done accurately & truthfully and hereby agree to the above Conditions of Employment.